10 Times Dustin was the Best on Stranger Things

There's no denying practically every character on Stranger Things is incredible. The debate about who truly is the best is something that will probably never end (is it Steve? Eleven? Hopper? Barb?) but Dustin stole my heart, and just about everyone else's as well. Whether you admire his charm, honesty, sense of humor or the adorable lisp caused by his cleidocranial dysplasia, Dustin has something for everyone. And of course, who could forget he holds the top score in Dig Dug? Oh wait, I guess we won't acknowledge MADMAX took that over... WARNING: Possible spoilers for season two ahead.

1. Right from the start, he made us all laugh.

source:  cactuspop

source: cactuspop

2. Despite her oddities, he accepted Eleven and defended her to the "mouth-breathers."

source:  gifs-andthings

3. He wasn't afraid to take charge when the situation called for it.

source:  hercampus

source: hercampus

4. And he rarely took "no" for an answer...

5. He is smooth under pressure.

source:  janes-ives

source: janes-ives

6. And can make the right call, even when it's hard.

source:  jamesbuchanans

7. He's not afraid to say what he feels.

source:  barrys

source: barrys

8. Or show it, for that matter. 

9. He loves for his friends and was never afraid to express it.

10. He has more charm than anyone could ever imagine. Especially now that he's got all his pearly whites.

source:  dustinsteves

source: dustinsteves