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Brett Champan's Official Author Website


Designing websites is where I originally got my start in graphic design, so naturally I strive to keep my roots very active. When I was approached by novelist Brett Champan to bring his website out of the mid-2000s, I was thrilled to help.

As an author, marketing is a huge part of measuring success. His original site was outdated, incredibly wordy and didn’t follow an intuitive design flow. I began the process with him by walking through his original site and identifying the goals he had for presenting himself and his work online.

After outlining a plan for his new site, I began wire- framing. As his books are his main selling point, I opted to have his bestseller living on the main screen as the hero. From there, you are greeted with a teaser for the book and options to purchase or find out more. One of the biggest issues I found in his original site is that there was too much content hidden and too difficult for readers to find. To solve this, I proposed a one page design for his site.

As readers used the navigation at the top to find what they were looking for, instead of opening new pages, the links were anchored with different areas on the page.

Another huge part of this redesign included making his site responsive as well as transitioning him onto WordPress. In keeping his new defined brand strong, I also worked with him on a social media strategy and updated his channels to better reflect the new look and feel presented by this site. 

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver

The original site.

The original site.

The original design of the site was very text heavy. Finding relevant information would take time and involved combing through mountains of copy to reach the desired outcome.