The Heritage Foundation eBook Design

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The Heritage Foundation eBook Design


Something I pride myself on is my ability to turn around quality projects in a rush timeline when needed. When a previous colleague of mine asked if I'd be able to complete this eBook flow for her new company in only a few days, I knew I could do it. All they had was a Word doc with the book's content and they needed an interactive, styled eBook. 

They provided a base for the cover, but it wouldn't fit the size needed in its original form. I made the necessary adjustments in Photoshop. The rest of the book was built using InDesign.

The book contains information about managing your will and instructions for making choices so your family won't have to should you pass. The design challenges for this project included making sure that the content was clear and understandable, that it flowed cohesively and that it wasn't too dull or boring to turn interest away, but also not too flashy, so it wouldn't appear manipulative. 

The 20-page book was finished and delivered to the client within their timeframe and was accepted. 

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign