Free Them Today Campaign

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Moody Radio's Free Them Today Campaign


Free Them Today is a campaign of Moody Radio and their ministry partners. This campaign strived to raise awareness of the horrors of human trafficking. I was the lead designer in the creation of the branding used to send the message.

Beginning with brainstorming sessions with the campaign directors, we established the message we wanted to send. Our reach was not limited in this crusade, so our goal was to inspire people to help victims of human trafficking worldwide. However, the emphasis of this campaign is to focus on those who are trapped and how to help them, so by keeping imagery of humans in the design, an emotional response is triggered.

As for the design of the logo, I began my journey to this as I do most logo designs: with pen and paper. I wholeheartedly believe that the process of sketching out logos and getting ideas out is how you achieve your best work. Through trial and error and many possible designs, I landed on the perfect look. The strong typeface draws attention and the contrast of the lettering with the background is compelling. The imagery of the lock allows for the parallel between those trapped in human trafficking and the person as the key communicates that only through drawing attention to this problem can we set them free.

Our artwork was presented to our ministry partners, including The A21 Campaign, Not Today Coalition and Remember Nhu, and published on multiple platforms, raising awareness and creating partners all across the globe to help fight. 

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop