Moody Global Ministries Web Banners

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Moody Global Ministries Web Banners


A large part of my job consists of creating various types of web banners to be used all across Moody websites. The banners I create are used on Moody Global Ministries homepageMoody Radio's homepage, and all of the Education sites (main pageAlumni AssociationUndergradSeminaryDistance Learning). As well as maintaining the visual aspect of our main sites, I also am responsible for creating the content and banners used on all of Moody Radio's owned and operated station sites (ChicagoClevelandIndiana, and more).

People rely on our sites to be a complete source of information. When our banners are done poorly or incompletely, we are failing at what we strive to do. My job is to ensure that every piece of content that we put out, be it program branding, event promotion or building support for a campaign, is the absolute best quality we can provide.

Additionally, I regularly create web ads for external use. I create ads to be used in campaigns for Education that get use all across the web. Past examples of these partnerships include relationships with Relevant MagazineSalem Media and Pandora. Along with some of these web ads, there are typically email campaigns that evolve from them as well. These are also under my scope of creation.

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign