Radio Guide Ad

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Moody Radio's "Law Talk Live" Radio Guide Ad


A great way to reach more listeners when it comes to radio is to have your programming heard on more and more stations. The only way to achieve this is to make sure these other stations are aware of the programs you offer! Through our advertisements in Radio Guide Magazine, we promote the programs offered by Moody Radio to continue to grow our audience.

This guide is a national magazine that has over 60,000 copies in circulation. The key elements in this design were to keep it simple enough that it wasn’t tiring on the eyes, but engaging enough that it would draw the attention in of potential station managers. 

The ad space on the table of contents page is prime real estate, as it's one of the first pages a reader turns to when opening the guide. This opens the door of opportunity for our ad to catch the attention of readers.

The simple, clean and professional design accomplished its goal. After this issue was published in June 2013, this particular program was picked up by an additional 25 affiliate stations. From this initial interest, we now can continue to reach out to these affiliates to see if their listeners are an ideal audience for any of our other programming.

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop